Blue Mind A La Carte

A La Carte

I am preparing an offer of organized well-being stays by the water on basis of the blue mind concept – the positive impact of water on human well-being.
Numerous studies by neuroscientists have shown that water lowers cortisol (the stress hormone), slows down our breathing and heart rate, and allows us to enter a gentle meditative mood. As a result, we are calmer, more creative and more open to interactions with the environment. Water not only brings relief on a psycho-physical level, but also makes us feel the part of nature so we want to care for it as much as we care for our well-being. 

According to the definition of wellbeing tourism, the blue mind offer includes educational and recreational elements in order to satisfy cognitive needs, balance the body, soul and mind, and positively influence the environment.  

The aim of your stay is to experience the unique relationships with local hosts and service providers. By perceiving the environment with all our senses, we benefit the most. Our time for relax is the most effective.
The Blue mind offer is prepared a la carte, in many variants to choose from, based on client`s needs and expectations.
My guests are different groups -the family and friends segment, groups with a development program, e.g. yoga, mindfulness – stress reduction, art therapy, natural therapy, ecotherapy-detox, active holidays, women’s trips such as beautiful ladies club, silvers – active 50+ groups, culinary minded, dance schools, slow life clubs, singles and MICE.
I cook a trip on the basis of an unique, personalized recipe, composed of the highest quality ingredients.

A La Carte

Cozy Accomodation
Immersed By Nature

In particular, I choose a hotel or guesthouse that applies good sustainable practices and guarantees safety, comfort and unforgettable experiences.

Hospitality, openness and the ability to make a friendly relationship with my guests are the basic selection criteria. Creativity in preparing a special complementary offer, flexibility and cooperation in building an unique wellbeing program based on the offered services are also important. I encourage to get the blue mind concept and develop it. Spa services, swimming pool and other wellness facilities are an additional advantage. I am happy to cooperate with professional wellness consultants.

Cuisine Inspired By Water

I offer places serving local specialties made from healthy ingredients with care for nature. I prefer vegetarian and fish dishes as well as less waste and non waste cuisine. The possibility of interacting with the staff, cooking together, culinary workshops, and inspiring culinary meetings enrich the guests' experiences. The meeting at the table is an opportunity to share impressions, emotions and enjoy the company. 

I am happy to work with social economy entities that prepare meals by heart and support disabled people, giving them the opportunity to participate in blue mind a la carte programs. Culinary experience at a new place is an opportunity to discover the flavors and support local producers. A picnic on the beach or a meal on the water will provide positive emotions and whet your appetite for new adventures.

A La Carte
A La Carte

Blue Mind Practice

The integrating part of the copyright program is practicing blue mind. A personalized offer is tailored to the needs of the group and the local attractions.
More and more research shows how one of the planet’s unique, most valuable and almost ubiquitous resources – water – can make us happier, healthier and better prepared for everyday challenges.

The blue mind concept has been hailed as a „wellness trend” by sources as diverse as Fox News, Conde Nast Traveler and India’s largest women’s magazine Femina.

„Water, whether it’s sea, lake, river, pool, fountain, tub, puddle, stream, or walking in the rain is the best way to push the reset button,” says Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Recreation In The Blue Space

The pleasure of activities in the fresh air, plunging into the depths of water, contemplating the beauty of nature, feeling the wind in your hair, the soothing sound of the waves, stunning views, lazy free time, unforgettable meetings, walking and numerous outdoor events are the necessary elements that guarantee a successful holiday. I offer as many opportunities as possible to share emotions in exceptional natural circumstances, most often near and on the water. Water recreation is a regular feature of the blue mind a la carte programs.

I organize relaxing walks and bicycle tours with local passionate guides. We slowly get to know the area, taste dishes directly from local food producers, visit local handicraft makers and artists. We encourage you to learn new skills during numerous workshops, e.g. less and zero waste, cosmetics and natural candles, less waste cuisine, baking bread, testing Polish wines, ciders and cheeses. I provide the opportunities to learn about local customs, traditions and culture. Using local attractions and shopping at local producers are our contribution to the development and economy of a place.

A La Carte
A La Carte
Conferences In The Blue Mind Concept

I encourage companies to air their heads and recharge their batteries during trips to the sea, lake or river. You will find that it is the best investment in wellbeing, and the H2H [human to human-human] + H20 [water] equation produces the most desired effect. For company trips, I choose facilities with great potential to implement programs such as an active conference, an open-air conference, meetings on a yacht, regattas, adventures on the water, etc. Company meetings are a mandatory element of the blue mind practice, which is especially needed by employees who are overloaded with duties, stressed out, tired of working remotely and thirsty for contact with nature. By acting on all stimuli, we will create conditions for effective regeneration. Common experience will create a community that is difficult to build in the conditions of dispersed work.

Employees miss offline contacts, feel an irresistible desire to have fun and spontaneous group activities . A blue mind a la carte company trip will perfectly complement the organization’s wellbeing policy, as it follows the trend of caring for well-being and maintaining good mental and physical condition.
I encourage you to take advantage of the conference offer outside the conference rooms, somewhere outdoors, on the beach, near or on the water, during inspiring conference walks along the shore. I will integrate communication or the subject of the meeting with activities for the local community. As part of our CSR activities, we will learn about local needs, we will contribute to the well-being of the inhabitants, we will take care of the sustainable use of natural resources, we will leave behind grateful memories and a valuable, measurable memento of our useful activities.